We have had the pleasure of working with Citywide Escrow for over 20 years. Their efforts in assisting us with our real estate transactions go above and beyond the call of duty. Both Michelle and Kim are passionate about what they do. They keep you informed and up-to-date throughout the entire process. In the event a problem arises, it’s always addressed in a timely manner. Going through the escrow process can be stressful for both buyers and sellers. Michelle and Kim’s level of professionalism and “can-do attitude” make for a pleasant experience. We look forward to many more years of successful transactions with Citywide.
— Granger and Sherry Riach, Granger Group Realty
Our real estate group continues to use Citywide Escrow for multiple transactions. Always quick, responsive, professional, and accurate — would highly recommend!
— Jim DeMeo
When I started my career in real estate in 1992, I realized that I had to give better service that anyone else, service that people would want to refer. I had to pick an escrow company that would be a seamless extension of my service. I found this with Kim, Michelle, and Peg at Citywide Escrow.
— Tim Kadletz, Broker/Owner Front Door Properties
Kim and her team consistently deliver outstanding customer service, not just to our office but also to out clients. We appreciate that out calls are always answered and our emails are always returned. In a business where meeting deadlines is critical, Kim meets every challenge with the enthusiasm and experience you’d expect from a top notch escrow officer. For these reasons, we can confidently recommend Kim and the entire team at Citywide Escrow Services.
— Nat Ferguson, Broker/Owner Ferguson Realty Seal Beach
As you know, my company, National Franchise Sales, has been placing out clients in the hands of Cheryl Stoneham and Citywide Escrow Services, for over 25 years, and for obvious reasons.

Our business, the resale of franchised restaurants, requires the complex coordination of California Bulk Sale regulations, secured creditor clearances, Franchisor resale protocols, leases assignments, and satisfaction of lender requirements,

The level of service we and our clients receive from Cheryl Stoneham and Citywide Escrow Services, the sense of urgency, the good judgement and professional manner in which these escrows are handled, is nothing short of excellent. This service from Cheryl Stoneham and Citywide Escrow Services enhances the NFS reputation with our clients!

We highly recommend Cheryl Stoneham and Citywide Escrow Services to our clients, and anyone seeking a quality escrow service.
— Alan F. Gallup, National Franchise Sales
Kim and Michelle are the best in the business. They are an asset to my team with their quick responses time and creative skills on intricate transactions. Most importantly, my clients are very happy with their professionalism and vast knowledge. In a business where every day counts, and client satisfaction depends on being able to deliver a result in a timely manner, I use Kim and Michelle for all of my escrow needs as they get the job done right.
— Jim Klisanin, Baytown Realty
With 38 years of being a full time realtor, I have dealt with many escrow companies. I always choose Citywide Escrow because of the professional service, very knowledgeable escrow officers with years of experience, the ability to resolves problems when they arise and the great attitude of all the office staff. The rates are good and I can almost always talk directly to the escrow officer immediately without being put on hold or having to leave a message.
— Terrie Whittaker, First Team Real Estate
IMG_47241(1) (1).jpg
Performance Matters!

The true measure of the service provided by a person or company is to ask, “would I hire them to be a part of my company?” I can unequivocally state that I would hire any and all of the staff at Citywide Escrow!

Citywide Escrow’s professional staff is very courteous to and helpful to all my sellers and buyers and is always willing to take the time necessary to clearly answer questions. As important, the staff at Citywide Escrow has the experience and knowledge to provide a very smooth escrow closing even under difficult or unusual circumstances.

One closing that could have been very difficult (and may even have resulted in a lost sale) was for an important corporate client that sold a property to an Egyptian doctor during the “Arab Spring.” During the escrow, the doctor went back to Egypt for this family and was unable to return to the U.S. for several weeks because of the turmoil and riots in the streets of Cairo, Egypt. Citywide arranged for the American Consulate in Cairo to notarize the closing documents and the escrow closed as scheduled.

Great performance matters!
— David Loveless, RE/MAX College Park Realty
Amazing, professional, knowledgeable, hardworking are just some of the words to describe Kim Kallenberg and Michelle Cook of Citywide Escrow. Having been a realtor for over 35 years I have dealt with many escrow officers and companies. Without a doubt, my first choice of escrow officers will always be Kim and Michelle. I can depend on them to do things right, get things done, be solution oriented and always go the extra mile to help myself and my clients. I am extremely pleased that I have had the pleasure to work with the best two escrow officers you will ever find!
— Donna Andre, Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance
In my 35+ years of selling real estate I have worked with 100’s of escrow companies. What I find unique about you and the Citywide staff is your sincere effort to do what is necessary to get the job done, done right and on time. I have come to depend on your many years of experience in handling hurdles and anticipating, not reacting to problems that otherwise could be deal breakers. So when given a choice, you are my escrow of choice.
— Tony Turek, Coldwell Banker Coastal Alliance
I have nothing but great things to say about Citywide Escrow, but more specifically Cheryl Stoneham. I have been working with her now for about 15 years and every transaction has been smooth and efficient. She continues to keep great communication with me and my clients on all matters through every transaction, which makes my job a lot easier. Thank you so much for all the great work you do! Anyone looking for an efficient and professional escrow officer/company, I highly recommend Cheryl Stoneham of Citywide Escrow.
— Don De Grote, Realty ONE Group
I have been working as a Transaction Coordinator for a couple realtors for about 4 years now and we always use Cheryl Stoneham of Citywide Escrow for our escrow needs. I can honestly say working with her as our escrow officer tremendously makes my job easier. She is very organized and prompt in dealing with our clients. She is excellent with communication, I always feel like I’m aware of what is going on in the escrow process for each transaction. It’s nice to have an escrow officer you can completely trust in knowing things will get done properly. Cheryl is very professional and experienced and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to have a smooth escrow process.
— Erika De Grote, Realty ONE Group
I have worked with Citywide Escrow for over 15 years.

Some 15 years ago a seller’s agent said we’d be working with Citywide Escrow. I was not familiar with Citywide at that time. The escrow officer took such good care of my buyer and me that I started working with Cheryl Stoneham at Citywide. I can’t express enough positive about Cheryl. She handles everyone with care and respect, she uses her in depth knowledge to anticipate issues and quickly remedy them, she is always on top of the details. She eases the nerves of new buyers. On the rare occasion I’m not able to work with Cheryl, I can really tell the difference in service or lack of it, experience or lack of it, efficiency or lack of it, pleasant nature or lack of it. Cheryl excels in every aspect of the escrow.
— Marcy T. Colton, RE/MAX College Park Realty
I became a realtor 28 years ago and was immediately introduced to Citywide Escrow by fellow agents. My first escrow with Citywide was so smooth and effortless that I have called upon them ever since! With so many escrow companies to choose from, I could have taken my transactions to other companies. But why would I leave an agency that provides very competitive rates, professional service and a pleasant, courteous environment?

Escrow companies, like all other businesses, are only as good as their personnel. I appreciate all of Citywide Escrow’s associates but must give a special shout out to Cheryl. I ask Cheryl to process all my transactions because she is extremely knowledgeable, very efficient and always available by phone, email or text. I especially appreciate how Cheryl stays up-to-date on new laws and procedures and how she goes the extra mile to insure customer satisfaction.

I will continue to recommend Cheryl to my fellow agents and clients because she makes my job much easier!
— Bea Kuebler, Main Street Realtors